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DermaCillin™ 1 oz. Spray

DermaCillin™ Antiseptic Topical Skin Spray. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Supports skin integrity and stimulates its renewal process. Enhances hyaluronic acid, a component of healthy skin. Maintains strong, resilient, and resistant skin. Increases skin resistance to enzymes secreted by microorganisms or insects. Enhances healthy skin inflammatory response. Soothes irritation and improves healing/regeneration of challenged skin tissues. Use in abrasions, nicks, cuts, scratches, slow-to-heal wounds and bedsores.
Ingredients: Usnea lichen, fresh Calendula flower, Oregon Grape root, Propolis gum, Myrrh gum resin, Yerba Mansa root, Echinacea angustifolia root and Lavender essential oil.
Gluten Free
Suggested Use:
Spray liberally on affected areas three times a day. Let dry.
FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Product may cause a mild burning sensation when applied to broken skin. Discontinue use and consult with a doctor if condition worsens.

DermaCillin™ 1 oz. Spray

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 Customer Reviews
Reviewed by: Mortonette from Las Vegas, NV.
  I just wanted to let you know that your DermaCillin™ is the real deal! I’ve had a very bad skin condition for over 20 years and this product has done more for my skin than Vitamin C IVs. Steriods prescribed by a MD or any other herbs or medicine. I’m so thankful to you for creating and making available such a great remedy.
Reviewed by: Tara from Los Angeles, CA.
  I recently bought DermaCillin™ from a Whole Foods store in West Los Angeles. I had a cut on my leg that had gotten infected and wasn’t healing well. Twenty four hours after my first application of DermaCillin™ my cut began to heal. I will be able to avoid a visiti to the doctor and a course of antibiotics. Thank you. I deeply appreciate companies such as yours who offer alternative health solutions to common health problems.
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