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Deep Sleep® 2 oz. Alcohol Free

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    deep-sleep-brochure-2015.jpgdeep-sleep-af-2ozflat-tb.jpgDeep Sleep® Specific for inability to fall asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning or experiencing unrefreshed sleep. Reduces sleep latency (amount of time required to fall asleep) and stops excessive mind chatter. Also for inability to fall asleep from tiredness, waking up groggy or tired, as well as for fitful and/or agitated sleep. Re-educates the brain sleep center and creates positive sleep patterns. It is not habit forming, has no side effects and does not interfere with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.
    Ingredients: Fresh California Poppy plant, fresh Valerian root, fresh Passionflower herb tip, fresh Chamomile flower, fresh Lemon Balm herb, fresh Oat seed in milky stage and Orange peel. Gluten Free
    Suggested Use: Take 30 drops in a little water one hour before bedtime and again at bedtime. Best results are achieved by the second or third night.












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    1. Best sleep !  star rating

      Posted by sharon on 26th Aug 2018

      It took a few days for my system to get used to the sleep supplement . However I kept going with it until after three nights I could feel it kick in and definitely work as I had read . I am happy with the Sleep supplement and also combined it with one magnesium capsule at bedtime for extra support and relaxation from stressful days.

    2. Sleeping after years of restless nights.  star rating

      Posted by Debbie M. on 31st Jul 2017

      I have tried so many natural products to help me sleep and none have helped. But Deep Sleep has helped me to go off to sleep easy and when I awaken, can normally go back to sleep quickly.

    3. Trying Deep Sleep Tincture  star rating

      Posted by Mike on 23rd Jun 2017

      I will be trying this product out tonight, I am 26 years old and have had sleep issues controlling my life for a better part of 10 years. This will be a real test for this product, I haven't heard ANYTHING negative about it thus far so my hopes are high!

    4. Love using natural plant oils to help me sleep  star rating

      Posted by Debbie Morelock on 21st Jun 2017

      I have tried so many natural things to try and help me sleep. I am 62 and seems there are nights I toss and turn all night. I have been using this product for about a month and it seems to be really helping me. I go to sleep quickly and most nights wake about 2 am, usually able to go back to sleep quickly now that I use Deep Sleep. I have also started doing a foot massage with Jatamansi oil. Thanks for the great product.

    5. Really Does What It Says!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 19th Jul 2016

      Deep Sleep really does deliver great results. I feel rested in the morning and feel good knowing that it is delivering results with a quality and in a safe manner.

    6. sleeping soundly  star rating

      Posted by ging on 23rd Apr 2016

      Have tried many "natural" sleep aides, this is the only one that works. You wake feeling refreshed with no "fuzzy" effects.

    7. So far so good!  star rating

      Posted by LeRoy on 1st Apr 2016

      I have only been using Deep Sleep for a little over one month and I have started to see the results in being able to fall asleep faster than ever before. I have a hard time falling to sleep in general, but now I'm starting to fall asleep faster than I ever have in the past.

    8. Couldn't catch Z's without it  star rating

      Posted by Brooke on 30th Mar 2016

      I've always had lots of trouble with sleep. With implementation of Deep Sleep...honestly this stuff works miracles. Started giving them to my boyfriend as well and he said "wow, this stuff really works!!". So happy with this supplement. Already on my 3rd bottle!

    9. Love this stuff  star rating

      Posted by Sandy on 1st Mar 2016

      I've been using Deep Sleep for several years now. It really helps me get to sleep, and even though I wake up a couple times during the night to go potty, I am able to get right back to sleep. PLUS, and it's a big plus.. in the morning , I wake up refreshed, with no groggy after effects!

    10. My sleep saver  star rating

      Posted by Anne on 11th Feb 2016

      I was recommended to take Deep Sleep when I could not get my brain to shut down at night. I was not sleeping peacefully or restfully. I started taking Deep Sleep and now I can go to sleep within 10 minutes of going to bed and stay asleep all night.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 22 | Next

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