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Organizational Affiliations

Listed below are a few of the organizations to which we donate time, energy or financial support. These organizations have similar values in that they are effecting a change in the world so that we can continue to have choices when addressing our health care needs. Belonging to such organizations allows us to educate ourselves so that we are in a better position to help others when it comes to making intelligent choices and decisions about their health, bodies and minds.

org-abc.gifAmerican Botanical Council
Established in 1988, the American Botanical Council has become a highly respected and innovative organization for the promotion of responsible use of herbal medicine. It provides education using science-based and traditional information and serves the public, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, industry and media. It is a non-profit, international member-based organization; membership and support for individual programs provide the resources to keep serving the needs of an ever-increasing service population. www.herbalgram.org

org-aha.gifAmerican Herb Association
The American Herb Association was established in 1981 and serves to promote the understanding and ecological use of medicinal herbs and aromatherapy. Membership is open to anyone interested in herbs and includes a 20-page quarterly newsletter written by well-known professional herbalists. The organization is currently headed up by Kathi Keville, author of 11 herb and aromatherapy books and writer of over 150 herb articles for such national publications as Prevention Magazine. Kathi co-managed Oak Valley Herb Farm (founded in 1971), which is a wholesale distributor of herbal products with a commercial herb garden containing 400 species of medicinal herbs. www.ahaherb.com

org-ahp.gifAmerican Herbal Pharmacopoeia
AHP was founded in 1995 to promote the responsible use of herbal medicines and to insure they are used with the highest degree of safety and efficiency as possible. They are able to accomplish this through the development of standards of identity, purity and analysis for botanicals. They also critically review traditional and scientific data regarding their efficacy and safety. www.herbal-ahp.org

org-ahpa.gifAmerican Herbal Products Association
Founded in 1982, AHPA serves as the voice of the herbal products industry and is a recognized leader in representing those members who are growers, processors, manufacturers and markets of herbal products. AHPA’s mission is to promote responsible commerce of herbal products and help improve market opportunities for companies that sell herbs and herb-related products. www.ahpa.org

org-ahg.gifAmerican Herbalists Guild
The American Herbalists Guild is the only peer-review organization in the United States for professional herbalists specializing in the medicinal use of plants. Founded in 1989, its membership consists of professionals, general members and benefactors. Their aim, as a non-profit, educational organization, is to represent the goals and voices of herbalists. www.americanherbalistsguild.com


org-nadf.gifNational Arbor Day Foundation
A lack of trees in the Nebraska Territory in the mid-1800’s led to the founding of Arbor Day. J. Sterling Morton, an early pioneer to the area, was a nature lover and a journalist, and it was through his dedicated efforts and enthusiasm that Arbor Day eventually became a legal and recognized holiday. Today the National Arbor Day Foundation still inspires people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees, and they have built an organization of dedicated members who lead the way and help individual citizens plant and care for trees to enrich the environment. www.arborday.org

org-nc.gifNature Conservancy
Working in all 50 states and more than 30 countries, the Nature Conservancy operates more than 100 marine conservation projects and has protected more than 117 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of river around the world. With a core membership of 1 million members and 1,500 dedicated volunteers, the Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. www.nature.org

org-sfa.gifSanta Fe Independent Business and Community Alliance
The Santa Fe Alliance works to build a diverse network of local businesses, community members and non-profit and governmental leaders to educate them about the importance of buying goods and services locally. It was formed in 2002 with a vision of a just and sustainable global economy created by local economies that enhance community life. www.santafealliance.com

org-ups.gifUnited Plant Savers
UpS had its beginnings at an Herbal Symposium in 1994, fueled by a group of individuals there who were concerned about the health of native medicinal plant populations. It has since grown into a solid community of herbalists, botanists, scientists and healers whose mission is to protect the native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. www.unitedplantsavers.org

wildearth-guardians.jpgWildEarth Guardians
WildEarth Guardians' mission is to protect and restore the wildlife, wild places and wild rivers of the American West. www.wildearthguardians.org

southwest-care-center.pngWomen’s Health Service
Women’s Health Service is dedicated to providing a culturally competent, caring environment and staff, trained in women-centered health care, integrating complementary and alternative medicine and partnering with community organizations and with women themselves, to ensure the highest quality health care. www.southwestcare.org

youthshelter.jpgYouth Shelters
Youth Shelters is a private, nonprofit, community-based organization incorporated in 1980, which provides shelter, transitional housing, and street outreach to homeless youth and comprehensive mental health services to children, youth and families in Northern New Mexico.


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