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How to Use Herbs, Etc. Formulations Safely

Q: If I am pregnant or breast-feeding, what precautions should I use when taking herbs?
Here is a list of herbs and herbal formulas that should be avoided during pregnancy and breast-feeding unless specifically recommended by a knowledgeable herbalist, naturopath or other primary care physician. Because some herbs have a direct influence on the uterus the most common contraindication is when pregnancy is involved. Other herbs are contraindicated while breast-feeding because some of the herbs' constituents may migrate into and through the milk to the infant. Some laxatives may have undesirable side effects for pregnant or breast-feeding women. I included them in this list even though they are not found on this site because constipation is a common problem for pregnant women.

Formulas not to be taken during pregnancy
•    Adrenotonic™
•    Congest Free™
•    CranBladder ReLeaf®
•    Essiac Tonic
•    HB Pressure Tonic™
•    Herbaprofen®
•    Kava Cool Complex™
•    Kidney Tonic™
•    Liver Tonic™
•    Lymphatonic™
•    Menopautonic™
•    Nervine Tonic™
•    Osha Root Throat Syrup (Not in the first three months)
•    ParaFree™
•    Peak Defense™ (Goldenseal/Echinacea Complex)
•    Phytocillin®
•    Respiratonic®
•    Smoke Free®
•    Stomach Tonic™
•    Vibrant Energy™
•    Yeast ReLeaf®

Laxatives to be avoided in pregnancy: Aloin (an aloe extract), Buckthorn, Cascara Sagrada, and Rhubarb root, although not found in this site, should be avoided in pregnancy.

Herbs to Avoid While Breast-Feeding:

•    Congest Free™
•    Herbaprofen®
•    Kava Cool Complex™
•    ParaFree™

Laxatives to be avoided while breast-feeding: Aloin (an aloe extract), Buckthorn, Cascara Sagrada, and Rhubarb root, although not found in this site, should be avoided while breast-feeding.

Contraindications of Herbs:
•    Kava Cool Complex™ — do not use with alcohol or barbiturates
•    Mullein/Garlic Ear Drops — do not use in perforated eardrums

Possible Side Effects of Herbs:
•    ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate — dark green stools may occur
•    CranBladder ReLeaf® — peculiar urine smell and color
•    HB Pressure Tonic™ — may cause low blood pressure
•    Kava Cool Complex™ — large amounts over an extended period of time may cause skin rash
•    Kidney Tonic™ — peculiar urine smell and color may occur
•    Loviral™ — may cause skin rash
•    Vibrant Energy™— may cause insomnia

Caution for Herbs:
•    Deprezac™ — do not use for bi-polar syndrome and/or for any other severe depressive states
•    HB Pressure Tonic™ - Monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis
•    Ivy Itch ReLeaf® — FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY
•    Kava Cool Complex™ — may potentiate the effects of alcohol or barbiturates. Do not exceed recommended dose. If skin rash occurs, cease use
•    Mullein/Garlic Ear Drops — FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Do not use in ears with perforated eardrums


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