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About Herbs Etc

Keeping You Healthy. Naturally.

daniel-pouring.jpgMy name is Daniel Gagnon. I am the Medical Herbalist and Owner of Herbs, Etc. As a child and as a young adult, I suffered from eczema, asthma and allergies. My journey back to health is the driving force that motivates me to share the benefits of natural healing with other individuals. My number one goal is to develop effective herbal medicines that contain only natural and beneficial ingredients that have little or no side effects.

Research and Development In Our Retail Store
Herbs, Etc. operates a retail store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, selling bulk herbs, herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements and essential oils. The store’s primary mission is to offer herbal medicine information and remedies to the Santa Fe community. It is also a research and development center. Many of Herbs, Etc.’s herbal medicines are created and tested here.

The retail store offers over 250 varieties of bulk liquid herbal extracts. From these, products that are specific to clients’ health needs are custom-formulated. For example, our best selling herbal throat spray was created while working with performers at the famed Santa Fe Opera. Singers would come to the store complaining of sore throats. Many formulations were tested, however, one formula was requested more often than all the others. This formulation became known as Singer’s Saving Grace®. Today, this product is available in four classic formulas (Extra Strength, Cool Mint, Honey Lemon and Serious Cinnamon) and 2 alcohol-free formulas (Professional Strength and Citrus & Honey).

store-interior.jpgFrom the field to the plant
Once a formulation has been tested and approved, the manufacturing process begins. At Herbs, Etc.’s certified organic manufacturing facility each herbal medicine  product starts with fresh or dried whole herbs. The herbs we purchase are grown on family-owned, certified organic farms. They are grown throughout the United States in the climate and ecosystems in which they thrive.

Herbs, Flowers, Leaves, Buds: When Fresh is Best
Some herb parts, such as flowers, leaves and buds, must be processed while fresh (undried) to retain their full medicinal qualities. This critical step ensures that the essential oils and other fragile constituents are not lost, evaporated or destroyed in the drying process. Fresh herbs are picked from the field and shipped overnight in refrigerated containers. We receive them while fresh the very next morning. Once released from quality control, the herbs are immediately ground to break the cell walls, put in an alcohol/water solution and extracted while fresh and vibrant. This process allows the release of active constituents.

Exclusive Kinetic Maceration
tumbler.jpgHerbs, Etc. created an innovative, proprietary process called kinetic maceration. During this process, the alcohol, water and herbs are placed in a hermetically sealed container and tumbled non-stop for 12 hours. Analyses concluded that Herbs, Etc.’s kinetic maceration method yields 20-50% more active constituents than the maceration methods used by other herbal companies.

Roots, Barks, Seeds & Gums: When Dry Intensifies
Some herbs fully release their medicinal properties when dried. This is especially true with roots, barks, seeds and gums. The drying process deactivates certain enzymes and helps release the active constituents. When these herbs are used dried, the extraction and concentration of hardy glycosides, alkaloids and other stable active constituents increase.

dried-twigs.jpgSeeing is Believing
At Herbs, Etc. we always purchase roots, barks and stems in their whole form. Whole herbs prevent falsification by providing our herb buyers with obvious distinguishable plant characteristics. It is next to impossible to visually guarantee the identity of an herb powder. On the other hand, a whole herb is instantly identifiable. Keeping herbs in their whole form before grinding them protects against loss of potency and the destruction of their active constituents.

Gound Fresh Daily
Herbs are ground the same day they are extracted, otherwise they oxidize and lose their volatile oils. Test this yourself by crushing whole dried peppermint leaves into a powder. Leave them on a table overnight and smell the powder in the morning. You will notice a substantial loss of aroma. That’s why it is Herbs, Etc.’s policy to grind whole dried herbs the same day they are extracted.

Colder is Better
grinding-w-lisa.jpgIn a manufacturing setting the heads of grinding mills become extremely hot. It is not unusual to observe temperatures between 150-250°F. This is of serious concern since it is known that heat destroys active constituents of herbs.

To prevent heat damage of herbs, Herbs, Etc. pioneered a method by which liquid nitrogen is injected around the grinding chamber. The herbs come out of the grinding process at temperatures around 30°F., thus protecting their active constituents. This method, called cryogenic (ultra-cold) grinding, is exclusive to Herbs, Etc.

Nothing Left Behind
After the herbs are ground, they are packed in glass funnels. Alcohol and water are added on top and the liquid seeps through the column of herbs producing liquid herbal extracts. This process, called cold-process percolation, extracts all active constituents.

percolator-theresa.jpgIt's A High Pressure Job
Once the alcohol and water have gone through glass funnels, the cold percolated herbs are placed into our 150-ton press. This press, exclusive to the herbal industry, squeezes all of the remaining juices out of the herbs. The resulting liquid contains all of the medicinal properties of the herbs and yields Herbs, Etc.’s alcohol-based liquid herbal extract. What is left in the press is the cellulose or plant fibers. The fibers are given to the Santa Fe area farmers and are used as compost for next year’s plantings. The herbs have now gone full circle, back to the earth.

Why It's A Classic
allertonic-af1oz.jpgAll Herbs, Etc. products are created using alcohol and water. This combination is absolutely essential to extract the full complement of active constituents from each herb. From the field to the finished product we take steps no other company takes. We are not content to be of equal quality with our competitors. We are fanatic about our processes because, in the end, you deserve the absolute best extracts.

A Take It Away
about1.jpgTo create an alcohol-free extract, an alcohol-based extract is poured into a stainless-steel proprietary  chamber. A vacuum is applied to the chamber at room temperature. This process extracts all of the alcohol without the use of heat. This method was created and perfected at Herbs, Etc. It assures that Herbs, Etc.’s alcohol-free products retain the full range of active constituents without the  damaging effects of heat. Once the alcohol is removed, glycerine is added to the concentrate to make alcohol-free products. Citric acid (from citrus fruits) is added as a natural preservative, assuring product freshness and preventing bacterial contamination.

First On The Block
deepsleep-60ct.jpgIn March of 2000, Herbs, Etc. introduced the first and only full-potency liquid herbal extract formulations available in softgels. Until then, only liquid herbal extracts could deliver fresh, quickly absorbed and potent herbal medicines. Using the Herbs, Etc. exclusive proprietary process described earlier, the alcohol is removed from the liquid herbal extract and olive oil is added to this concentrate. The resulting medicine is encapsulated into a fast-acting softgel and is equal to 35 drops of liquid herbal extract. Our softgels are made to the same rigorous standards as our professional-strength liquid herbal extracts.In March of 2000, Herbs, Etc. introduced the first and only full-potency liquid herbal extract formulations available in softgels. Until then, only liquid herbal extracts could deliver fresh, quickly absorbed and potent herbs.

Hard Facts About Softgels
capsules.gifStudies show that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer softgels to capsules or tablets because they are easier to swallow. Softgels (1) dissolve in the body within 6 minutes while tablets (2) may take up to 45 minutes or longer. In some instances tablets never dissolve and may go through your body unabsorbed. Liquid-filled two-piece capsules (3) often contain an air bubble inside while powder-filled, unsealed two- piece capsules (4) are susceptible to oxidation and degradation of the herbs’ active constituents. All of our softgels are potent and oxygen-free.Each Herbs, Etc.’s softgel contains the concentrated extract equal to 35 drops of its liquid herbal extract. 

Pioneers In the Herbal Industry
about2.jpgWhile virtually every supplement and drug company subcontracts out the encapsulation of their softgels, we make our own to stringent specifications. In 2008, Herbs, Etc. became the only herbal medicinal manufacturer to produce softgels at its own facility. Although the softgel encapsulation process is complex, we chose to tackle this challenge because we believe it is the best way to safeguard product quality. We don’t stop there. We are continually improving our methods, such as eliminating oxygen and its destructive oxidation, eliminating the detrimental heat normally applied during encapsulation and reducing the processing time it takes to transform liquid extracts into finished softgels. We frequently produce small batches, thus guaranteeing that the softgels we manufacture and sell are the freshest available.Every step Herbs, Etc. takes guarantees effective herbal medicine. More than 30 years of expertise as a leading manufacturer of high quality, potent liquid herbal extracts is your assurance. This is why every Herbs, Etc.’s herbal medicine product is unconditionally guaranteed. 

Put It In Writing
about3.jpgAfter the softgels are manufactured and inspected, a laser engraving machine etches every softgel with the name of the product. This identification ensures that you are taking the right product.

Meet The Whole Family
The Herbs, Etc. family of products features a line of fast-acting liquid herbal softgels, a line of professional strength classic liquid herbal extracts containing over 130 formulas and single extracts as well as a line of professional strength alcohol-free liquid herbal extracts. See the entire family at:

Herbs, Etc.'s Guarantee
alcohol-chart.gifEvery step Herbs, Etc. takes guarantees effective herbal medicine. More than 35 years of expertise as a leading manufacturer of high quality, potent liquid herbal extracts is your assurance. This is why every Herbs, Etc.’s herbal medicinal product is unconditionally guaranteed. As a medical herbalist since 1976, I have been an early proponent of the healing properties of herbs. I hope that this brochure helps you in your quest to make educated herbal supplement choices concerning your health and your well being.


Herbally yours,


Daniel Gagnon
Medical Herbalist, RH (AHG)
Owner, Herbs, Etc.


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